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CHILDREN'S MOMENT: Each Sunday, during the 11am worship service, there will be a special lesson for our children. It will be about 10 minutes long & children that are on-site will be invited to come to the front of the sanctuary for that time.

RE-OPENING BUILDING: On Sunday, JULY 12, we will re-open the sanctuary for the 11:00 AM worship service only. Wearing of masks & social distancing will be practiced for the safety of all.

CHILDREN'S SUNDAY SCHOOL: Each Sunday morning at 10am, Miss Terry is teaching a children's Sunday School lesson. You can join in by going to the Wise Baptist Church Facebook page.

ADULT SUNDAY SCHOOL: You can join in the Adult 2 Sunday School class each Sunday morning at 10am on Zoom by contacting John Ponish.

BEDTIME STORY: Join Miss Terry each Monday night at 9pm for a Bedtime Story on the Wise Baptist Church Facebook page!

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